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At present, skiers have almost 200 km of groomed trails available in the popular terrain of the Jizera Mountains within the Jizera Mountains Arterial Network.

The cross-country skiing trails not only take winter sports enthusiasts to the well-known centres of Bedřichov and Jizerka, but also to other entrance points such as Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný or Martinské údolí in Kořenov and to the nature of the Jizera Mountain Nature Reserve in search of experiences and sports performance. Thanks to the close cooperation with other trail operators, such as the Jizera Mountains for You (Jizerky pro vás) in Kořenov or Bieg Piastów in Jakuszyce, Poland, skiers can also transfer to trails in the Giant Mountains or ski the groomed trails on the Polish side of the border. 

The JIZERSKÁ non-profit organisation (www.jizerskaops.cz) established by the Municipality of Bedřichov has been involved in grooming the trails in the Jizera Mountains since the end of 1999. The money for the trail grooming is received from the Municipality of Bedřichov, the towns and municipalities in the environs, the Liberec Region, sponsors and donors, but also from the skiers themselves who could not imagine a winter spent without cross-country skiing.

The grooming of the cross-country trails in the Jizera Mountains commenced back in 1984 and as such it has the longest history in the Republic!

Routes for cross-country skiers

We have prepared several winter excursions for lovers of the Jizera Mountains and passionate cross-country skiers. Visitors can experience special moments and the beauty of the Jizera Mountains Arterial Skiing Network, which is groomed and maintained by the Jizerská non-profit organisation, in the form of shorter or longer cross-country skiing routes. The marked trails not only lead past the local winter kiosks, where it is possible to take any necessary refreshments, but also past places of interest to tourists.

The starting points are located in Bedřichov (the skiing stadium), Jablonec nad Nisou (the Břízky sports facility), Oldřichov v Hájích (Na Pilách), Nové Město pod Smrkem (U Spálené hospody) and Martinské údolí near Harrachov. Two of the excursions follow the route of the Jizera 50, one of the most famous cross-country ski races in the Czech Republic.

From Oldřichov v Hájích to Bedřichov (13.5 km)

Oldřichov v Hájích, Na Pilách – Bílá Kuchyně (6.2 km) – Pod Olivetskou horou (8.8 km) – the Gregor Cross (9.9 km) – Nová Louka (10.5 km) – U Buku (11.8 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (13.5 km)

This route is relatively short, but it has a significant climb at the beginning. It is possible to take the train or bus from Liberec. A number of points of interest are located near the Nová Louka restaurant, the so-called “Little Château”, which originally served as the seat of the owners of the local glassworks. They include memorials, plaques, peat bogs and views of the countryside. The building itself was later converted into a hunting lodge, whose accommodation was also used by the first Chancellor to President Masaryk, Dr Přemysl Šámal, which is why it is also known colloquially as “Šámalka”).

From Nové Město pod Smrkem to Smědava (13.3 km)

Nové Město pod Smrkem, U Spálené hospody – Kyselka (0.8 km) – Tišina (5.3 km) – Heaven’s Ladder (Nebeský žebřík), the lower intersection (7.2 km) – Na Písčinách (8.3 km) – Předěl (10.1 km) – Smědava (13.3 km)

This route is relatively short, but it has a climb at the beginning. It is possible to take the train from Liberec. One of the first surprises along the way is the Nové Město mineral spring, a source of curative water located in a covered well. The journey then passes Heaven’s Ladder (Nebeský žebřík), the lower intersection, which is located directly beneath the highest mountain in the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains, Smrk (1124 m), and then on to the mountain chalet at Smědava. There is a metal lookout tower on Smrk which is open all year round, twenty-four hours a day.

From Jablonec nad Nisou to Bedřichov (13.6 km)

Jablonec nad Nisou, Břízky – Jindřichov (2.9 km) – Horní Maxov (5.1 km) – Hrabětice (8.6 km) – U Prezidentské chaty (10.9 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (13.6 km)

This route is relatively short, but it includes a climb. It is suitable for the inhabitants of Jablonec nad Nisou and it is possible to make use of Jablonec’ public transport. Jindřichov is home to valuable preserved folk architecture, while the Brechschmied Chapel is located in Horní Maxov and the Scholzberg lookout tower is also located nearby. There is slightly undulating terrain from Hrabětice (the chapel) to the Presidential Hut (Prezidentská chata), followed by a steeper descent.

From Harrachov to Smědava (13.6 km))

Harrachov, Martinské údolí – Mořina (7.1 km) – Promenádní (8.7 km) – Hraniční (12.6 km) – Smědava (13.6 km)

This route is relatively short, but with a quite substantial climb towards the settlement of Jizerka. There is the option of taking the train to Kořenov or to Harrachov (Mýtiny). The cross-country skiing track from Martinské údolí leads up a hill along the banks of the Jizera River. The terrain is more moderate from the area under Bukovec (a 1005 m high basalt effusion). The return journey leads to Mořina and Promenádní, where it is possible to see border fortifications (bunkers), and it emerges at the chalet in Smědava.

From Smědava to Bedřichov (13.7 km)

Smědava – Knajpa (3.1 km) – Čihadla (3.9 km) – Rozmezí (5.2 km) – Kristiánov (8.4 km) – Blatný rybník (9.9 km) – Nová Louka (10.7 km) – U Buku (12 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (13.7 km)

This is a relatively short route which has been designed for those who want to continue on from Smědava, especially to Kristiánov, which is home to the Jizerka Mountains Glassmaking Memorial, to Nová Louka or to the Municipality of Bedřichov. It connects with other routes which end in Smědava. The route initially passes around the second highest peak in the Jizera Mountains, Mount Jizera (1122 m), with its adjacent “primeval forest”, passes the Knajpa kiosk and brings skiers to the Na Čihadle Nature Reserve. It then continues to the small cemetery in Kristiánov and to the Fox Hut (Liščí bouda) which can be seen from afar and on to Bedřichov via Nová Louka.

The Jizera 50 – “50 km” (50 km)

Bedřichov, the stadium – U Buku (1.7 km) – Nová louka (3 km) – Kristiánov (5.7 km) – Rozmezí (9.2 km) – Čihadla (10.5 km) – Na Knajpě (11.2 km) – Kůrovec (15.1 km) – Hraniční (15.5 km) – Vlašský hřeben (18.2 km) – U Bunkru (20.9 km) – Mořina (22.4 km) – Jizerka (23.6 km) – U Bunkru (24.4 km) – Zimní kiosek (28.3 km) – Smědava (30.1 km) – Na Knajpě (33.2 km) – Čihadla (34.1 km) – Na Žďárku (36.3 km) – Krásná Máří (38.7 km) – Hřebínek (41.4 km) – Bílá Kuchyně (42.7 km) – Olivetská hora (43.9 km) – Za Černou Nisou (45.6 km) – U Buku (48.3 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (50 km)

The route follows that of one of the best-known and most popular country skiing races in the Czech Republic which is regularly held every year on the second Sunday in January and makes use of the trails in the Jizera Mountains Arterial Network. The first year of the race dates from 1968 and the race has subsequently been held virtually every year since the 1970s as an act of remembrance for the members of the Peru Expedition who died in an earthquake in Peru in 1970. There has been a stone monument to the 1970 Peru Expedition behind the stadium since May 2010. At present, the Jizera 50 race is part of the renowned Worldloppet international long-distance cross-country skiing league.

The Jizera 50 – “25 km” (21.8 km)

Bedřichov, the stadium – U Buku (1.7 km) – Nová Louka (3 km) – Kristiánov (8.9 km) – Pod sedlem Holubníku (10 km) – Bílé Buky (11.6 km) – Hřebínek (15 km) – the Gregor Cross (17.8 km) – Nová Louka (18.4 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (21.8 km)

The shorter version of the Jizera 50, the so-called Jizera 25, is a tried and tested medium-length route with the usual stops (Nová Louka, Kristiánov and Hřebínek) and it is suitable for a morning’s sporting activities. The trail leads from Kristiánov to Hřebínek along the “New Way” via Bílé Buky and under Mount Holubník (1071 m) with a view of the distinctive rocky peak of Ptačí kupy (1013 m).

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