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At present, skiers have almost 200 km of groomed trails available in the popular terrain of the Jizera Mountains within the Jizera Mountains Arterial Network.

The cross-country skiing trails not only take winter sports enthusiasts to the well-known centres of Bedřichov and Jizerka, but also to other entrance points such as Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný or Martinské údolí in Kořenov and to the nature of the Jizera Mountain Nature Reserve in search of experiences and sports performance. Thanks to the close cooperation with other trail operators, such as the Jizera Mountains for You (Jizerky pro vás) in Kořenov or Bieg Piastów in Jakuszyce, Poland, skiers can also transfer to trails in the Giant Mountains or ski the groomed trails on the Polish side of the border. 

The JIZERSKÁ non-profit organisation (www.jizerskaops.cz) established by the Municipality of Bedřichov has been involved in grooming the trails in the Jizera Mountains since the end of 1999. The money for the trail grooming is received from the Municipality of Bedřichov, the towns and municipalities in the environs, the Liberec Region, sponsors and donors, but also from the skiers themselves who could not imagine a winter spent without cross-country skiing.

The grooming of the cross-country trails in the Jizera Mountains commenced back in 1984 and as such it has the longest history in the Republic!

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