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At present, skiers have almost 200 km of groomed trails available in the popular terrain of the Jizera Mountains within the Jizera Mountains Arterial Network.

The cross-country skiing trails not only take winter sports enthusiasts to the well-known centres of Bedřichov and Jizerka, but also to other entrance points such as Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný or Martinské údolí in Kořenov and to the nature of the Jizera Mountain Nature Reserve in search of experiences and sports performance. Thanks to the close cooperation with other trail operators, such as the Jizera Mountains for You (Jizerky pro vás) in Kořenov or Bieg Piastów in Jakuszyce, Poland, skiers can also transfer to trails in the Giant Mountains or ski the groomed trails on the Polish side of the border. 

The JIZERSKÁ non-profit organisation (www.jizerskaops.cz) established by the Municipality of Bedřichov has been involved in grooming the trails in the Jizera Mountains since the end of 1999. The money for the trail grooming is received from the Municipality of Bedřichov, the towns and municipalities in the environs, the Liberec Region, sponsors and donors, but also from the skiers themselves who could not imagine a winter spent without cross-country skiing.

The grooming of the cross-country trails in the Jizera Mountains commenced back in 1984 and as such it has the longest history in the Republic!

Routes for people in wheelchairs

We have several attractive routes for visitors with limited mobility, the goal of which is to acquaint them with the Jizera Mountains in all their beauty, rarity and remarkableness. The selection of routes has naturally been influenced by the overall character of the landscape: a small number of significant increases in elevation, a large amount of paved trails and small roads and the presence of attractive locations.

The following trails have mainly been designed with people in wheelchairs in mind, but they can also be used by families with small children on bicycles or in prams etc. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the wheelchair-access trails at the Information Centre in Bedřichov.

Traditions for everybody – Nová Louka I (9 km)

Bedřichov, the stadium – Bedřichov, the gamekeeper’s lodge (0.5 km) – Blatný rybník (3 km) – Nová Louka (3.7 km) – Za Novou Loukou (4.2 km) – /the Government Way/ – Bedřichov, the game reserve (8.2 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (9 km)

This somewhat short route is usually completed by all visitors to the Jizera Mountains and it leads to the Nová Louka restaurant (which is famous for its nicknames such as Šámalka or the Little Château, but also for the memorial to Dr Přemysl Šámal who was executed by the Nazis in 1941) via the fishpond known as Blatný rybník which dates from 1780. The trail continues along the Government Way (the name is associated with a planned visit by President Edvard Beneš which was never actually carried out) around Klikvové louky, where the so-called “White Nisa” rises, and back to the Municipality of Bedřichov.

To the dam of the Bedřichov Reservoir on the Black Nisa (11.7 km)

Bedřichov, the stadium – Bedřichov, the game reserve (0.8 km) – the Bedřichov Reservoir on the Black Nisa, the dam (3.8 km) – the Black Nisa, the western fork (4.3 km) – Závory (5.8 km) – Pod Olivetskou horou (6.8 km) – the Gregor Cross (7.8 km) – Nová Louka (8.7 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (11.7 km)

This is a quite short route which leads to the “Black Nisa” dam. The Black Nisa, as the reservoir is often called, was built to protect against flooding after the infamous floods of 1897, as were the other valley reservoirs in the area (the Harcov Reservoir in Liberec and the Jablonec Reservoir in Mšeno, etc.). The trail continues from the reservoir to Závory at the intersection under Olivetská hora and then past the Gregor Cross, which is apparently a monument to unrequited love, to Nová Louka and Bedřichov.

Traditions for everybody – the Jizerka settlement II (14.5 km)

Smědava – Promenádní (1.5 km) – /the Promenade Way/ – U Bunkru (5.2 km) – Mořina (6.7 km) – Jizerka, the Manor House (8 km) – /the Jizera Road/ – Promenádní (13 km) – Smědava (14.5 km)

One of the medium-length routes shows visitors the settlement of Jizerka with its Manor House and the dominant feature of the Jizera Mountains, Bukovec. Smědava is the entrance point. The Promenade Way leads from Smědava to the photogenic settlement of Jizerka (861 m), which became the setting for part of the film “Zapomenuté světlo”. The other attractions in the highest situated settlement in these mountains without a doubt include the Museum of the Jizera Mountains, whose exhibits include everything about the local nature, but also about the history of the Jizera Mountains, the glass industry and the sites where precious and semi-precious stones were found etc. The uniqueness of the Jizerka settlement is underlined by the remnants of the fortifications from the Second World War, the protected flora in combination with the meanders of the Sapphire Stream or the view of Mount Bukovec (1,005 m).

To the dam of the Josefův Důl Reservoir and Královka (15 km)

Bedřichov, the stadium – Bedřichov, the gamekeeper’s lodge (0.5 km) – Blatný rybník (3 km) – Tetřeví kámen (4 km) – Kristiánov (5 km) – the Josefův Důl Reservoir (8.5 km) – Hrabětice, the chapel (9.5 km) – Královka (13.5 km) – Bedřichov, the stadium (15 km)

This medium-length route takes walkers to the dam of the largest hydraulic structure in the Jizera Mountains. The Josefův Důl Reservoir was built in 1976-1982 on the Kamenice River. At present, swimming and other types of recreation are prohibited in the reservoir and around it, because it serves as a source of drinking water for Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou. The trail climbs along slightly undulating terrain from the dam to the “chapel” in Hrabětice, the former fire station and then to Královka, a restaurant with a 24 m high lookout tower. The name Královka is the Czech version of the original German name Königshöhe, which was associated with the surname of a settler called König.

Planes in the mountains and their monuments (17.5 km)

Smědava – Kůrovec (0.9 km) – Na Knajpě (4.4 km) – /the Pavlov Way around Mount Smědava/ – Nad Černým potokem (12.5 km) – Čihadla (14 km) – Na Knajpě (14.5 km) – /the Štolpich Road/ – Smědava (17.5 km)

The following medium-length route further acquaints visitors with the Jizera Mountains and its starting point is in Smědava. We recommend that you set off from Smědava to Kůrovec and na Knajpě and then to the highlight of the route, the Pavlov Way, which circumnavigates almost the entire Mount Smědava (1084 m). The northern foothills of the mountain bear testimony to one of the aviation tragedies of the Jizera Mountains, which occurred in April 1992. The Pavlov Way eventually returns to na Knajpě via Čihadla and the Štolpich Road leads back to Smědava.

In search of nature, in search of mountains (17.4 km)

Nová Louka – the Gregor Cross (0.7 km) – Hřebínek (3.2 km) – Točna (3.8 km) – Krásná Máří (5.8 km) – Tetřeví boudy (7.2 km) – Na Žďárku (8.1 km) – Nad Černým potokem (8.7 km) – Čihadla (10.3 km) – Rozmezí (11.3 km) – Kristiánov (14.8 km) – Blatný rybník (16.8 km) – Nová Louka (17.4 km)

This medium-length route will suit everybody who wishes to view the Jizera Mountains from the point of view of their nature. After leaving Nová Louka, visitors first come to Hřebínek which is just an appetiser for what is to come. This mainly involves long strips of greyish trails, green forests and blue sky. The scenery is only interrupted by the peaks of Ptačí kupy and Holubník and subsequently by the areas of the Jizera Mountain peat bogs and wetlands near Čihadla. The virgin wilderness subsequently transforms into the settlement of Kristiánov with its small cemetery and eventually into the environs of Nová Louka.

The Jizera Mountains again and differently (20 km)

Nová Louka – the Gregor Cross (0.7 km) – Hřebínek (3.2 km) – Točna (3.8 km) – /the New Way, Bílé Buky/ – Kristiánov (9 km) – the Josefův Důl Reservoir (11.5 km) – Hrabětice, the chapel (13.9 km) – Královka (16.4 km) – Bedřichov, the gamekeeper’s lodge (17.6 km) – Nová Louka (20 km)

This medium-length route takes visitors to the restored backdrop of the Jizera Mountains. The trail once again begins at Nová Louka, but then turns off to the kiosk at Hřebínek and to the intersection at Točná. The New Way leads under Bílé buky with Jelení skok (the only reminder of the former deer game reserve dating from the second half of the 19th century) and back to Kristiánov, from where the remainder of the route passes along local trails.

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