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The Bedřichov sights

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468 12 Bedřichov

GPS: 50° 47′ 45.624″N  15° 8′ 29.529″E

In 2012, Bedřichov prepared to new circuits around the municipality for its visitors at a total length of 9 km. The Bedřichov sights make use of walking tracks and seventeen information signs which provide information about the most interesting places in this tourist centre.

Download the map of the circuits here


The blue circuit 4 km – suitable for walks of a less demanding nature; it focuses on acquainting visitors with the history of Bedřichov (the settlement was established in 1592) and also on the settlement’s monuments (the Church of Saint Anthony with a Way of the Cross, the glassworks, the crosses and the memorials), as well as the natural or other landscape elements within the territory of the municipality (the Bedřichov Bio-Corridor, the reservoir).


The red circuit 5 km – suitable for walks of a less demanding nature; in addition to getting to know the environs (the reservoir, the lookout towers, the Jizera Mountain chalets and the views of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains), it also offers the active use of 5 outdoor sports areas with a range of exercise opportunities: a horizontal bar, a sprung footbridge, a bench, a beam and a chain bridge.

Both of these routes pass through calm areas of Bedřichov in the Jizera Mountains Nature Reserve. The routes only cross main roads three times and do so on prepared footpaths so that it is possible for families with children or groups of schoolchildren to walk in safety. The individual stops in the Bedřichov sights circuits start from sign number 1 “V Kotli” (near the natural outdoor swimming pool) and they are labelled with clear information signs, arrows and maps. In addition, some of the stations include rest areas with benches which often provide views of Bedřichov and the surrounding area. The sports areas include a brief description of the possible activities which can be undertaken on the exercise equipment.

The sports equipment is used at visitors’ own risk and children must be under the supervision of adults!

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