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nature trails

The Ant Trail

In 2016, Bedřichov prepared an educational trail about the animals living in the Jizera Mountains especially for children. The trail leads from the Information Centre or from the central car park, around the Lesní chata and ends at the lookout point on Královka or at the Presidential Chalet (Prezidentská chata). The trail is 1.5 km long.

The trail to the rocking stone

In 2016, Bedřichov prepared a trail in search of the mystery of the Bedřichov rocking stone. You can also find it and receive a reward... The trail is 1 km long (from the central car park).

The Bedřichov sights

In 2012, Bedřichov prepared to new circuits around the municipality for its visitors at a total length of 9 km. The Bedřichov sights make use of walking tracks and seventeen information signs which provide information about the most interesting places in this tourist centre.

The log footpath to the Black Nisa

The reconstructed footpath, part of which includes three rest areas with benches, has been included in the new Maliník – Hřebínek Technical-Natural Educational Trail.

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